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NIKORA, founded with the Georgian capital, has held the leading position in the local food products market for 24 years. The business started with the production of food products soon expanded in different areas. At present, the holding incorporates meat products, semi-finished products, fish products, dairy products, ice-cream, bakery products, salads and wine companies. One of the affiliates is an exclusive distributor of imported food products and beverages in Georgia.

At the same time, the company has its own retail and distribution chain, a regional production plant in Poti, a representative office for the distribution network in Imereti.

"Nikora" owns more than 400 retailing units of "Nugeshi" and "Libre", and the number of employees of the company is more than 8000. Company produces up to 500 kinds of product. 

"Nikora" is one of the first among Georgian food producing companies, which for many years holds ISO 9001 : 2015; ISO 22000 : 2018 certificates and has introduced the HACCP system.

JSC "Nikora": 200050675

Addr: 2, A. Mrevlishvili Str


ნიკორას სტიპენდიანტების ტური საწარმოში

ჩვენი სტიპენდიანტები სტუმრად ნიკორაში გვეწვივნენ. აგრარული უნივერსიტეტის კვების ტექნოლოგიების ფაკულტეტის სტუდენტებს ჯერ საწარმოში ვუმასპინძლეთ, შემდეგ კი გემრიელ დეგუსტაციაზე. სტუდენტებს საშუალება ჰქონდათ პრაქტიკულად გასცნობოდნენ წარმოების პროცესებს და პროფესიულად შეეფასებინათ ჩვენი ხორცპროდუქტების საგემოვნო თვისებები. ნიკორა საქართველოს აგრარული უნივერსიტეტის კვების ტექნოლოგიების სტუდენტ...

Nikora JSC has placed bonds in the amount of 35 million GEL with the ...

With the assistance of TBC Capital and Galt & Taggart, JSC Nikora has successfully placed 3-year bonds as Public Issue in the amount of 35 million GEL.   The bonds were placed on the Georgian Stock Exchange in the national currency, which allows the company to avoid currency risks. Nikora will use the proceeds from the placement of bonds in order to refinance existing liabilities and f...

Nikora continues to issue scholarships

Food technology is one of the professions of the future world. Interest in this area never weakens. On the contrary, together with the development and improvement of the food market, more and more attention is given to this profession and the young generation expresses more interest in this area as well. Nikora, the largest meat products company in Georgia, has been taking care of encouraging stud...

Nikora to launch a new project for schools in highland villages

With in the framework of social responsibilities, Nikora continues to take care of education and the younger generation. The company will hand presents to students and four schools in the region, including three schools holding the mountain status. At the first stage of the project, in October, 4 schools will receive personal computers, all students from the first including the eighth grade will r...

Nikora continues to pay scholarships to students of food technology at...

The company “Nikora" continues to pay scholarships to the students of food technology at the Georgian Agricultural University this year, as well. While speaking about the professions of the future, we mainly think about the directions connected with modern technologies. However, one of the major directions of the future is food technology, which is quite a wide sphere and comprises i...

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