Nikora Supermarket Network has launched a new credit card More

Nikora Supermarket Network has launched a new credit card More

18 Dec. 2017

"Nikora Supermarket" offers to its clients a new credit card - “More”, through which the customers can purchase all needed products in “Nikora XL” and “Nikora Supermarkets”, while spent many can be covered in 45 days from the original day of purchase.

For approving card limit requirements for the future cardholder is to be from 20 to 60 years old, have minimum 200 GEL monthly income and positive credit history. The card is issued for 4 years and credit limit from 50 to 200 GEL is approved by the “Bank of Georgia”. It is not necessary to submit a certificate confirming monthly income to issue the card.

The card is free of charge and has 0% of interest rate if the spent money is back on the account in 45 days (You can check with the Bank of Georgia’s internet/mobile banking, and also with Express Pay Machines when you need to pay and how much do you need to pay in order not to maintain interest rate on the card).

If one can not pay in 45 days, spent money will be redistributed for 12 months and you need to pay about 27% of it every month. 20% of this money will be returned to you on the card and you will still be able to use this amount in our stores. The minimum payment can be made by Bank of Georgia's Internet Banking and Mobile Bank and with Express Payment Machines.
You can own 2 active card “More” at the same time.

In case of loosing the card, please visit Express Bank service centers in order to issue a new free one.

You can not earn points on the card “More”, hence, if you have Nikora’s point card separately, you can use it during every payment to accumulate points.

You can also transfer your own funds to the card. If you spend the above the limit amount, interest rate will not be charged.

The card "More" can be obtained at the following addresses:

Tbilisi, 12 Sulkhan Tsintsadze Street #12

Tbilisi, Khomleli # 1

Tbilisi, Tsotne Dadiani Street # 34 Building. 44 a

Tbilisi, Marjanishvili 26a

Tbilisi, Temka 3 Micro Area, 3rd Block, Building 44

Tbilisi, Saradjishvili 23 # 091

Tbilisi, Mukhiani, 2 Micro Area, # 119 Near the Building 22

Tbilisi, 24 Tskaltubo Street 24 #123

Tbilisi, Krtsanisi Street 14 # 134

Tbilisi, Javakheti Street, Next to plot 28/041 # 140

Daba Tskneti, Rustaveli Street №3 # 245

Tbilisi, Didi Digomi, 3 Micro Area, Building 22, Near # 249

Tbilisi, Gabonidze Street 9, Next to plot 03/029 # 254

Tbilisi, Guramishvili Avenue 33a # 156

Tbilisi, Moscow Avenue