Nikora has donated 100,000 GEL to support StopCOV fund

Nikora has donated 100,000 GEL to support StopCOV fund

30 Mar. 2020

From the very first day of the spread of the virus, "Nikora" recognizes the great responsibility that it bears before the country and society. Therefore, we take all possible measures to adequately fulfill our functions/duties, ensure uninterrupted operation of the production and distribution network, and a continuous supply chain so as not to create inconvenience in the supply of our products.

We maintain existing prices and do not increase them on the products manufactured by us. Although most of our products depend on imported raw materials and the price of the product is directly proportional to the exchange rate of GEL, the price remains unchanged for more than 500 items of products manufactured by us.

As part of our responsibility, we have joined a social campaign and provided product assistance to those most in need of support.

"Nikora" welcomes the establishment of the StopCOV fund and donates 100,000 GEL in the fight against the virus.

We also welcome contributions made by all companies against COVID19.

Standing together, we can do everything.